Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogging Beyond Snowpocalypse

This blog was born in a blizzard. Faced with multiple feet of snow and multiple days off work, I explored the blogs that had been sitting in my peripheral vision, started commenting, and, reveling in inspiration and free time, started the page you see here.

Yesterday was my first day back with kids since DC's big snow. Waking up in the morning with ideas of writing lesson plans, prepping materials, connecting with colleagues, AND blogging all before 8:42 am showed me that this transition will not be easy. But -- I love reading and writing about issues affecting teaching almost as much as I love teaching itself. A routine which includes both will be tough, but important, to work out. Thanks for bearing with me over the coming weeks as I find a balance that works!
Update, 7/21/10: The "coming weeks" turned into months! Finding a routine proved difficult as I returned to teaching as well as completed a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in the spring of 2010. Summer is providing an opportunity to try again, and I hope the completion of my degree will help me find regular space for blogging space within my teaching life come September.

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